Prologue / A Henna Journey Across India


- A Henna esthetic clinic produced by pure nature -

FABBY ORGANICS offers you a Henna which incorporates the indwelling goodness of natural Henna properties. And very importantly, the Henna used by FABBY ORGANICS is only high quality Henna that passes very strict quality control checks.

The reason why I am hooked on the idea of Henna is very simple and makes sense;
the Henna approach to our body is biochemically and physiochemically effective yet safe, and in line with the balance of the energy in the macrocosm. Henna is a phenomenal plant with a beneficial approach that can be recognized in our level of consciousness.

However, just as with organic food, which we cannot automatically assume is safe because it is labeled “organic”, we cannot assume that all Henna are organic and pure
Henna. I think you will agree that we need to ascertain the quality of the Henna that we use. There are many people who wish to use Henna because they choose to follow LOHAS, but they have chemical allergies. If you use impure Henna or Henna containing chemicals, it will surely alter the shade of the message that you are trying to send to your hair and scalp, and have a negative influence on the consumer.

Consequently, in order to avoid the many obstacles to proper and natural treatment of hair and scalp and a well-adjusted personality, these people understandably would like to use only pure natural Henna.

The Henna of a reputable pure natural grower is very important in this respect, I take the environmental energy from Henna's native land, including the atmosphere and people, as being very important, as I earnestly wish to offer you the best products and skill.

I went to India with the specific intention of seeing all of this with my own eyes.

I went to see all of the stages in the production of Henna until it comes into our possession, from Henna farming through harvesting to the government-managed Henna market. I also observed a typical Henna factory in India as well as a KEO Henna factory,
and was allowed to see the entire operating process.

From hand to hand to the salon, ayurvedic harb Henna.


Indey barbs

天然成分100%のピュア・ハーブ | FABBY ORGANICS


Smiles are Beautiful & Let it be, Forever Evergreen

With Henna & Ayurvedic herbs


FABBY ORGANICS brings out the beauty you never knew you had in you.

God bless you.

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